The Snooze Button – Friend or Foe??

alarm clock

As the month of January comes to an end, I look back on what my goal was from the beginning of the month … to make time for myself.

I knew from the start that if I didn’t write down what I was doing in my designated “me-time”, then I would go off track. You may know that routine … if I don’t write it down then there’s no way to know when I went off track or fell behind. I wouldn’t be accountable for what I was or wasn’t doing …

What I noticed … I missed 2 mornings. Two mornings of me-time …

But what I also noticed is that on the days that I missed my morning alone time is that everything seemed to bother me – the laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, children’s toys EVERYWHERE. I felt like I just couldn’t break the stresses of the day … I couldn’t focus on anything relating to me.

In general, my time alone looks something like this:

  • Walking for 20 minutes (I don’t like to run … so I’m happy with just a walk)
  • Watch a television show while I walk
  • Take an uninterrupted shower to get my thoughts together (to reflect on my intentions/goals for the day), take 5 deep breaths, and do a visualization of my future goals (personal and business; what I’m working towards)
  • Writing out my 1-3 priorities for the day (you can see how I do this in the printable I created that helps me set up my day for success!)

The difference between the days I take a little me-time and when I don’t?

On the days that I did get up and didn’t push that snooze button a couple times, I was able to put a positive spin on everything in my day.

By simply making 30 minutes for me, time by myself, I looked at the day in a new perspective.

I know I have at least 1-3 “must-do” priorities (and no more than 3) in my day.

When I don’t push that snooze button, I seem to manage the needs of everyone and I tackle the day in a better frame of mind.


So, the biggest take away that I learned from making ME a priority in my day:

  • Yes, it’s important to show up for your family on a daily basis, but it’s also extremely important that you show up for yourself
  • Time for YOU = a less stressful, more calming day
  • Time for me opened my mind up for opportunities and dreams to flow

Your morning routine or your me-time doesn't need to look like mine. You can make the time anywhere it fits into your day.

Just aim for at least 15 minutes to start and see how you start to feel!