Your Starting Point

Hello beautiful mom! And welcome to your third module of The Confident Mom online course, the third pillar to setting your foundation for creating practical and flexible daily habits.

I absolutely love this topic because it’s what I do with every plan I seem to make (from personal goals or life goals … which you can apply it to as well). I’ve also used this pillar for decades when I worked with athletes and rehabbing them back to their sport. The reason for that I wanted to include this pillar into the foundation is not only to help you break your ultimate health goal into smaller more manageable pieces, but also so you become aware of the “why” factor when you make a change to your health, so you can keep your long term health goal in check, and so you become aware of the “what if’s”.

Knowing your starting point in your current health not only helps you move forward, it also helps you to acknowledge what the root of the problem is and how you can fix that problem. I say this because we often think that “just starting” something like an exercise routine or eating healthy is going to work every time. Maybe sometimes we want a quick fix, which I highly don’t recommend. But if you don’t have these foundations set in your mind, if you don’t take the time to assess and recognize your current health situation or lifestyle, or you’re looking so far into the future and want your long term goal to happen overnight … it’s not going to work.

So, let’s get started!