Thank you so much for making the time for doing this course, The Confident Mom.

I truly hope you were able to learn from my experiences and discover that you, too, are worthy of working towards your health goals. I also hope you’ve gained the confidence that will propel you towards achieving your ultimate goal.

I created this course with the mission to inspire moms to set the foundation for creating practical and flexible daily habits, and I hope I achieved that.

As a recap, 3 pillars in the foundation for creating the mindset shift:

The first pillar – positive thinking (think)

  • Don’t think about what doesn’t work or focus on the things that make you unhappy.
  • Focus on positive thoughts, cutting the excuses, and practice gratitude

The second pillar – Daily routines (do make daily changes)

  • Track your daily habits and be more conscious of what habits can change and where you can make these changes in your day.

The third pillar – Goal setting (act by taking daily inspired action steps that will lead you to your desired goal).

  • Keep your long term goal in mind
  • Remember your “why”, that driving force behind why you want to make a change
  • Be more conscious of your current health
  • Break down your big goal into smaller more manageable pieces
  • And take inspired action on each step of the way

Next steps … I want you to get excited about all you can achieve! To get excited for the next step to being more active or eating healthy!

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