Welcome message and workbook


Welcome to the “Making Guilt-Free Time for You!” course!

I’m so excited you have joined me here and I look forward to teaching you these guidelines to help you on a path to a healthy and happy daily routine.

This course is going to help you to feel inspired to make a health change and to feel confident to take that first step.

I know the feeling when it comes to the overwhelm of everything that’s going on around me. And the guilt that I experience when I actually make time for myself.

One thing that I have learned, and still have to remind myself everyday, is that I have to stop making huge to-do lists … and that I don’t have to be superhuman to be an amazing mom.

It’s time you started making YOU a priority in your daily routine! Now is the time to give yourself permission to take care of you and your health. Permission to say yes to a solo coffee date, yes to 15 minutes of quiet reading time, yes to getting your hair done.

This is a practical guide to making your everyday routines more streamlined so you can make more time available in your day and your week to spend on YOU.

Below you will find a workbook for this course. Print it out and follow along at your own pace. It’s there for you as a guideline so you can write in it or take notes in it.

Also, in each lesson, you will find a video representing each topic. The workbook includes notes and tracking sheets/printables for each lesson.