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Our Approach

Igniting Your Health is designed with moms in mind. My goal to help as many moms as possible to achieve healthy goals for a healthy future. Making any kind of change to your lifestyle can be difficult, and I know that… we are all human. I want to make you are as comfortable and confident as possible in order to make a healthy lifestyle change in your everyday life. I have developed health promotion initiatives geared primarily to moms!. It’s so important to understand that you can live a healthy lifestyle in your busy world.

Be inspired to make a healthy lifestyle change and be confident to take the first step! 

Our Mission

Igniting Your Health’s mission is:

To help moms and their families move forward in life in the healthiest way possible that best suits their lifestyle; to provide guidelines and to give support to moms in being confident to make the healthy lifestyle choices needed to live a fulfilling future; and to encourage a healthy lifestyle where choices are made simple and the future looks healthier because of the choices that are made today.


Kathleen Rubio


Kathleen Rubio is the founder of Igniting Your Health, an online health and wellness website designed to help moms feel confident in making a healthy lifestyle change in the everyday busy world in which they live. Her work includes health promotion initiatives designed as tracking sheets, eBooks, workbooks, and eventually online courses to help improve one feel inspired to make a healthy lifestyle change and confident to take the first step.

Kathleen has 20 years of healthcare experience, she is a certified Athletic Therapist in Canada, and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Studies. Kathleen is a wife to a very supportive husband and works from home while she cares for her 2 beautiful girls.

Next Steps…

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